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"The Cuisine of Casa Raphael



"THE CUISINE OF CASA RAPHAEL" is a book that comes from the desire to share the act of cooking as a path of love, respect and harmony for nature and for the health of our body.


The book in Italian and translated into German and English; it describes the guiding principles (medical-philosophical), collects preparation techniques, practical tips and sixty recipes (soups, pasta, main courses and desserts) based on vegetarian ingredients.


The reader will be able to cook simple dishes, using genuine products, easily available and flavored with herbs before enjoying healthy dishes, tasty and often also suitable for celiac, intolerant and diabetic.

"KITCHEN HOUSE RAPHAEL" hopes of bringing readers to a new awareness in which the concept of" health "associated with that of "food" isn't related to an idea of sadness and despair, but rather enhances the palate and the pleasure for a meal rich and tasty.

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Titolo volume: “LA CUCINA DI CASA RAPHAEL”  chef Gianni Aste

 Promosso da: Casa Raphael

In collaborazione con: Ecor - NaturaSi - Cuore bio - Baule Volante

Casa editrice: Bussinelli editore


Progetto e grafica: Fannj Zuccatti -

Fotografie: Massimo Giovannini -

Set dresser: Stefania Veneri

Traduzioni: Michael Siffrin, Friederike Oursin

Stampa: tipografia La Grafica Editrice -


La cucina di Casa Raphael - Die Küche von Casa Raphael - The cuisine of Casa Raphael - chef Gianni Aste, Bussinelli editore, italiano-tedesco-inglese, pp.176, ill., 2014, ISBN 978-88-6947-002-8, 34.00 €


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