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Health institute recognized and accredited for the following:

Medical Center for physiotherapy, recovery and functional rehabilitation

Thermal Baths

Medical Center for hydrotherapy,  physical and dietary care



Oil Dispersion Baths

Medicated oils are dissolved in hot baths using a Junge apparatus with the Venturi effect and not by using emulsions.


The combination of oil and water is thus obtained so that the oil does not simply float on the surface, but dissolves in the water in the bath. The Junge disperser creates a vortex which “pulverises” the oil into minute particles which then deposit on the skin of the bather wrapping him/her in a mantle of warmth. The base oil used for these baths is extra-virgin olive oil with plant essences. Oil dispersion baths are prescribed for varying conditions and there are many types of plant essences used – rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, Melissa, thyme, hypericum and birch etc. The temperature of these baths must not be too high (36°) so as to stimulate the body’s own heat, The baths last for about 12 minutes with a rest of 30 minutes with the patient being well wrapped up to preserve warmth.  


A decoction of officinal plants are also used in baths and the most popular preparations made at the Casa di Salute Raphael are:

  • Hay flowers
  • Equisetum
  • Liquorice root
  • Walnut leaves

The plant decoctions are added to hot water baths.

Polisolfuro of potassium baths are prepared using the juice of one lemon with two teaspoonfuls of polisolfuro of potassium solution. This bath which is very sulphurous, gives off a smell of “bad eggs” and the water is very similar to the sulphurous water used in the most important Italian spas.



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