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Medical Center for physiotherapy, recovery and functional rehabilitation

Thermal Baths

Medical Center for hydrotherapy,  physical and dietary care



Food and Anthoposophy


"Eating is like one’s way of speaking, one’s bearing on life, of relating to others; it is a very personal and individualised matter.

This is largely due to the fact that through food one comes into contact with the life of earth as a whole—not only of the land that provides the fertile soil into which the roots extend, but also of that of the cosmos, which allows photosynthesis and the growth of all things living with the force of the sun, the moon, and the other planets.


Thus, food is both an organic and spiritual being of our world.



Strictly following a diet, which at times may be necessary for health reasons, will inevitably lead to a sense of frustration and humiliation that adversely affects a personality. The person “on a diet” begins to feel antisocial; conviviality is denied. On the other hand, it is harmful to eat any food out of control and poorly combined because in this way food becomes a source of indisposition and disease.

The difficulty and the rejection of nourishing oneself—as so tragically happens in anorexia—leads to disincarnation, denies the existence of that corporeality and individuality on earth. On the opposite end of the refusal of food stands those who turn food itself into a tool of daily discomfort, of soul-numbing, and of serious physical ailments through unrestrained excess.

On the other hand, imposed and forced dieting almost always leads to a psychic imbalance in an obese person because a certain bodily “thickness” “protects” the individuality from the events and influences of the outside world.


Apart from cases of people with specific diseases, forced to give up certain foods, every one of us tries to find an “individually healthy” way of eating through personal taste, tradition, physical and spiritual needs.

 The cookery that accompanies us should change with us and with our lives. It should evolve not as a punitive path but as one of awakening and pleasure of the senses and, at the same time, of consciousness and respect for our lives and that of the planet." Dr. Vincenzo Bertozzi


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